Canine Services and Behaviour

As the owner of three border collies, Andrew has to keep his wits about him. When training them, his first task is to make sure he’s the leader of the pack. To achieve this, the dogs must respect him. No shoving through doors out of turn or snatching at food as if they’re trying to bite his hand off. The key is to be firm, but patient and gentle. For a dog, a high value training snack can be a reward or a treat, but never a bribe. Andrew takes reservations for introductory two hour canine behaviour sessions. The initial session is primarily for the owner but dogs are welcome to sit in. The cafe garden even has a fun agility course; once they’ve grasped the principles of jumping, tunnelling, balancing and weaving, dogs – especially border collies –
are in seventh heaven.

Alternatively, there is a dog grooming salon next door, Hair of the Dog by Janet.

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