Local Interest & Activities

”Northumberland has so much rugged beauty, natural coastline and history to offer to it’s residents and tourists alike, but it is not always easy to know how to make the most of this amazing county.

Below are some of the local businesses that we know well, who will help you make the most of this great county; whether it be exploring, hiking, exercising or creating.”

Footsteps Guided Walks

The Northumberland Coast, an Area of Outstanding Beauty, is a walker’s dream. Long sandy beaches, rocky foreshores and backed by high sand dunes with a scattering of small villages hugging the coast, walking here is a delight.

Strolls With Poles

If you enjoy a stroll, especially using Nordic Walking poles, then Strolls With Poles is for you.  Take a look around the website to learn more about us.

We specialise in enjoying fun, relaxing and friendly walks in a variety of beautiful locations in the North East of England.  We sometimes even venture further afield, taking part in challenge walks and away days.

As a reward we always end (sometimes during) our walks enjoying tea and cakes, in local tea rooms and cafes.

Cloud Dancer

Cloud Dancer Photography specialises in the creation and aerial photography of large scale sand art, mainly on the beaches of Northumberland. I will be offering small group or one to one activity sessions when it is safe to do so. The images can be printed or shared on social media, to show off your work. It is a unique way of experiencing the Northumberland coast, as a family or individual. 

Golden Gate

Join the Farne Island’s lighthouse keeper George on a tour of Europe’s largest offshore bird sanctuary. The ONLY boat allowed to land on Longstone and the ONLY boat allowed to tour The Longstone Lighthouse!  

As lighthouse keeper George is the only skipper who can take you on a guided tour inside Grace Darling’s Lighthouse, Longstone.  George has been sailing around The Farne Islands since he was a young boy and knows every inch of this diverse habitat and his knowledge of the birds and wildlife is immense.  

The company also offer wonderful sunset cruises to land on the island. The only boat allowed to do this! 

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